Top Corporate Event Management Companies in India 2024

Corporate event management companies are important in ensuring that corporate events run smoothly and successfully. These specialists optimize planning, manage logistics, and use creativity to enhance experiences. By aligning events with client objectives and corporate identity, they ensure that attendees make meaningful connections. With their knowledge of industry trends and best practices, they provide important insights for staying ahead of the competition. Working with corporate event management businesses ensures that events are successful and have a long-lasting influence.

You need an expert corporate event management company to ensure that your event is not a total disaster. In this blog article, we’ve prepared a list of the best corporate event management companies in India that provide innovative and one-of-a-kind services that improve the way events are organized.

These are the top 10 corporate event management firms in India, renowned for their distinctive offerings.

1. Dreams Events and Services:

Dreams Events and Services, founded by Mr. Bala Nicholas, a former IT professional with expertise as a Project Manager at Hewlett Packard, has grown dramatically since its establishment in 2013. Dreams began with a small team of four people and has since grown significantly in terms of team size, income, and brand recognition. Today, it is one of Bangalore’s leading event management businesses, specializing in corporate and business events. Their services are available both nationally and internationally, and they have a proven track record of organizing successful events in Thailand, the Maldives, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Turkey, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.

The company’s objective is to ease event planning, design, and execution, reducing stress associated with bringing ideas to reality. Dreams is committed to providing complete client satisfaction while remaining cost-effective.


The organization endeavors to mitigate the stress commonly linked with turning ideas into reality by streamlining the event planning, design, and execution process. Dreams is dedicated to providing complete client pleasure at an affordable price.


Attention to Detail:

Dreams take great satisfaction in their ability to listen intently and retain every detail in order to make sure every event goes above and beyond expectations.


They are happy to make last-minute changes because they know that each event is special and should represent the client’s vision.


Dreams approach every occasion, no matter how big or small, with everlasting dedication and passion.

Customer Centricity:

The business values its customers above all else, treating them with the highest regard and consideration because it understands how important they are to its success.


Dreams cultivate a culture of creativity by consistently introducing novel and captivating event experiences that enthrall spectators.


To earn their client’s trust, they remain transparent in all of their business activities and offer fair pricing, honest advice, and clear communication.


Dreams Events and Services is a reliable partner that clients can count on to keep their word and make sure every detail of the event is planned precisely and on schedule.

Services Offered:

Awards Night:

The allure of an Awards Night lies in its promise of glitz and glamour, a time to honor and recognize excellence within the company. It’s a festival of dressing up, music, and celebration. Dreams Events and Services takes care of every aspect to ensure a flawless Awards Night experience from start to finish.

Family Day:

Bringing families into the office is an exciting opportunity for employees, and Dreams Events and Services ensures it’s a memorable occasion for all. From catering to the entertainment needs of children to organizing engaging activities for families, we’ve orchestrated numerous successful Family Days across India, leaving smiles on every face.

An overview of the family day event coordinated by Dreams Events and Services:

Coffee Talks:

Coffee Talks offer an informal setting for discussions and learning. With a keen understanding of the pulse of such events, Dreams Events and Services excels in hosting exceptional Coffee Talks at extraordinary locations, ensuring an enriching experience for attendees.

Corporate Parties and Theme Nights:

Celebratory parties, anniversary celebrations, and theme nights are all part of corporate culture, and Dreams Events and Services has mastered the art of bringing these events to life. With a repertoire of themes and meticulous planning, we create unforgettable experiences that garner accolades from clients nationwide.

Product Launches:

A successful product launch is paramount for a company’s success, and Dreams Events and Services specializes in seamless execution coupled with creative ideas to ensure the perfect unveiling of your product. From consumer activations to experiential events, we leave no stone unturned to maximize your product’s impact.

Team Building and Employee Engagement:

Strong interpersonal relationships among employees are key to productivity, and Dreams Events and Services offers tailored team-building activities to foster cohesion and engagement. With innovative ideas and suitable venues, we facilitate meaningful connections among team members.

An overview of the Employee Day event coordinated by Dreams Events and Services: 

Special NGO Events:

From inaugurating charitable organizations to supporting NGOs, Dreams Events and Services has played a pivotal role in organizing events with a social impact, such as the inauguration of the Smiling Heart Foundation, a charity organization providing free heart surgeries in India.

MICE Domestic/International:

For Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE), Dreams Events and Services offers end-to-end solutions, both domestically and internationally. With experience in diverse locations, we ensure seamless execution of MICE events, leaving clients impressed and satisfied.

An overview of the International Conference event coordinated by Dreams Events and Services:

Virtual Events:

In the era of virtual connectivity, Dreams Events and Services has adapted to the trend by offering a range of virtual event services, including meetings, product launches, award shows, conferences, and family days. With expertise in live streaming and virtual technology, we ensure a seamless and engaging virtual experience.

Client Testimonial of the event coordinated by Dreams Events and Services:

Annual Days:

Corporate Annual Days are opportunities to boost employee morale and camaraderie, and Dreams Events and Services excels in curating memorable experiences. From venue selection to thematic décor and entertainment, we handle every detail to ensure a hassle-free and enjoyable Annual Day celebration for corporate clients.



Mail Id:

Location: 816, 23rd main, 13th Cross Rd, 2nd Phase, J. P. Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560078

Phone Number: +9198455 34939

2. Glider Events

Greetings from Glide Events! They are masters at crafting distinctive event experiences that complement your idea. Their dedicated team ensures that every aspect is executed flawlessly, be it a corporate convention or a wedding. 

3. Greenstone Entertainment

Greenstone Entertainment’s passion is using live performances to create unforgettable events. With years of experience in event production and administration, they bring together top performers and artists to create moments that our audiences won’t soon forget. 

4. Zeroin Management Pvt Ltd

Zeroin is dedicated to revolutionizing the way businesses employ technology. With a focus on efficiency and creativity, they provide creative solutions that are tailored to meet the unique needs of their clients. 

5. Saavi Event & Entertainment

Saavi Events & Entertainment provides a variety of services that are specifically designed for the business market with the goal of taking experiences to new heights.

6. Story Experiences

Story Experiences, known for its creative methodology and a broad range of projects, has become a prominent force in the industry. Even though their events are creative, sometimes they could be executed better for ultimate excellence.

7. KMK Event Management Limited

Based in Delhi NCR, KMK Event Management business is a flexible event management business. KMK Limited provides a broad range of event management services, including corporate events, weddings, social gatherings, and brand activations, with an emphasis on creativity and client satisfaction.

8. Spin-Off

Based in Delhi NCR, Spinoff is a top corporate event management firm that specializes in giving clients in a range of sectors unforgettable and meaningful events. With a staff of seasoned experts and creative thinkers, Spinoff provides complete event management solutions that are customized to match the particular requirements and goals of every customer.

9. Knit Dream

Knit Dreams is a vibrant and cutting-edge fashion company that provides an extensive selection of superior knitwear items. Knit Dreams is for people who value comfort and style, with an emphasis on high-quality materials and modern designs. 

10. Glance Events

Based in Delhi NCR, Glance Events is a top event management company committed to creating memorable experiences for both social and business gatherings. Glance Events specializes in creating custom events that are personalized to each client’s specific needs and preferences. The company is driven by a passion for creativity and attention to detail.


In conclusion, in the dynamic landscape of corporate event management in India, Dreams Events and Services stands out as a beacon of excellence and innovation. Led by a visionary founder and backed by a dedicated team, Dreams has not only carved a niche for itself but has also set new standards for event execution and client satisfaction. With a diverse range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of corporate clients, Dreams Events and Services has consistently delivered exceptional experiences, whether it be through meticulously planned awards nights, engaging family days, or seamless product launches. Their values of attention to detail, flexibility, passion, customer-centricity, creativity, transparency, and reliability shine through in every event they undertake, ensuring that clients receive nothing short of perfection. As one of the top corporate event management firms in India, Dreams Events and Services continues to redefine the industry landscape, setting benchmarks for excellence and leaving a lasting impression on every event they touch.

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